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My name is Tamás Szűcs, and welcome to my subpage of web development! I’m a creative UI designer and a frontend developer with two years of experience in design and two years experience in frontend development. My main focus is to create and develop simple, useful and responsive websites for my clients. I also have to look after and maintain these webpages to give users a useful and efficient time to spend.

You can take a look at my recent works by clicking or tapping on the Projects button or you can check out my GitHub profile by clicking or tapping on the Github button next to it. Would like to get into connection? Go to my contact form by clicking on the Contacts button.




  • using semantic HTML5 tags with proper attributes
  • website responsivity
  • reusable HTML components with JavaScript


  • targeting by direct and pseudo classes
  • CSS and SVG animations using keyframes
  • variables, mixins and nesting
  • responsive websites thanks to media queries
  • associate knowledge in Bootstrap and MUI


  • OOP
  • ES6+
  • Three.js
  • working with API data
  • knowledge in TypeScript


  • component-based architecture
  • using built-in hooks and creating new ones
  • Framer Motion
  • dealing with API data using Axios
  • class inheritance


  • dealing with contact forms like login or registration
  • sessions and cookies
  • OOP
  • working with MySQL database



Grab a project, and scroll it (or use buttons of pagination) !

An online tv guide for tv channels in Hungary. I was responsible for creating UI design for this website while developing the look of it with custom HTML and CSS.

An impressive collection of online logic games (still in progress). I have created and developed the UI design of website while I was responsible for developing Gomoku and Snake.

A well-organized website of popular logic game Sudoku. If you search for sudoku keyword in Hungary, I’m sure you’ll see at the first place!

Not sure what to eat or cook? Fear not, Keveremkavarom is bringing new ideas from time to time by hitting reload button in the boxes of foods. There are also blog posts with tips and tricks to make cooking easier.


A React SPA based on popular video game called League of Legends. Built in component-based architecture while used SCSS for styling, Axios for API data and Framer Motion for animations.


A simple and responsive fitness SPA using vanilla HTML & CSS (including Bootstrap) with a little bit of Javascript. Only in hungarian language.

A simple website about language examination in Hungary. You can see news or get useful infomations about exams, and you can practice your language skills. Fun fact: it was my first developed website.

The brand new business website of my previous company located in Hungary. We were dealing with creating and developing websites for clients while doing SEO and graphic design.


A simple weather forecast website with news, weather radar, pollen report and other useful informations. I was responsible for developing UI design and developing UV-index and medical meteorology.

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04. And finally…

About me

I’m a motivated frontend developer and product designer located in Hungary with passion for design and web development. As a frontend developer, my goal is to achieve a well-structured and readable code, while creating a functional, clear and user-friendly application.

I have a great knowledge in UI/UX design and I use it a lot while designing sites before coding them. As a communicative person I like to work in team, and I’m always up for learning new techniques or technologies during my work. I’m an incredibly patient person, which quality I use the most while doing my hobby: it’s fishing! 🎣

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